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List of Local Benefits:

  • Hiring Preference: We prioritize hiring Spokane County residents.

  • Contributing to Spokane: Our organization will have a significant economic impact on Spokane through business expenses and funds devoted to victim services and basic necessities, benefiting the local economy.

  • Free Services and Classes: Spokane residents will have access to complimentary classes and services to enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • More Victims Getting More Aid: Approximately 5,500 people in Spokane will receive aid averaging $7,500 each. Adding 34% to the current 16% getting aid.

  • Crime Reduction and Prevention: Our educational programs and victim services aim to reduce sexual assault and domestic violence, which can help address other issues like addiction and homelessness.


Benefits of the Sexess system:

Our comprehensive programs address all aspects of life affected by sex, providing tools to manage difficult days and help individuals focus on their goals.

Our system offers a range of benefits:

including enhanced sexual experiences,

targeted dating opportunities,

stress relief,

deeper connections in relationships,

improved health and physicality,

development of soft skills,

increased confidence and motivation,

encouragement to take initiative,

growth in sexual abilities,

enhanced perspective and drive towards goals,

reduction in instances of domestic violence,

decrease in incidents of rape,

elimination of slut-shaming and prude-shaming,

reduction in suicides related to sexual issues,

incorporation of sexual health as an integral aspect of life,

empowerment to take control of one's life,

identification and evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses,

effective management of resources and obstacles,

establishment and execution of clear goals,

creation of action plans and maps for success,

understanding of individual learning and communication styles,

recognition of personality types and action patterns,

support in making positive changes and fostering accountability.


Basic Information


  • Enhancing competence leads to improved performance.

  • Delivering comprehensive education in an engaging and enjoyable manner facilitates better retention.

  • Encouraging hands-on engagement during classes promotes sustained interest.


  • By analyzing behaviors, we can identify signs that can help prevent crimes.

  • Testing solutions through research allows us to identify the most effective outcomes.

  • Meta studies enable the comparison of multiple programs and their results from around the world.


  • Engaging in open conversations about issues helps dispel myths and misconceptions.

  • Increasing public knowledge and acceptance supports trauma recovery, legal support, and encourages victims to come forward.

  • Providing the necessary help and support to victims.


  • Integrating research, education, and advocacy efforts enables the development of effective preventive measures and attitudes.

  • Reducing the number of victims contributes to the improvement of communities and society as a whole.

  • By reducing the number of offenders, we alleviate the strain on the court system, law enforcement, incarceration facilities, and healthcare.

Victim services

  • Assisting victims in their recovery process helps them regain normal, productive lives.

  • Recovered victims often become advocates and support others in similar situations.

  • Implementing initiatives for suicide and addiction prevention.



Sexlytics - Comprehensive Study of Sex-related Issues

We will examine various issues related to sex, including toxic aspects of masculinity and femininity. Additionally, we will investigate the correlation and causation between sex and violence, such as shootings, incels, rape, domestic violence, power dynamics, and entitlement.

Our research will focus on studying social constructs surrounding sex, safety and health concerns, and the disparities between current and ideal standards. We will explore biases and differences in definitions of genders and sexualities.

We aim to address the notion that sexual prowess equates to worth, debunking harmful beliefs about ownership, wealth, and double standards for women.

Moreover, we will analyze the manipulation of sex for political gain and its influence on law-making.


Sexpertly - Promoting Education and Expertise

Through workshops, masterminds, challenges, reviews, and personalized sex coaching, we aim to increase awareness of individuals' needs and the impact of our sex lives on other aspects of life.

Our goal is to replace unsatisfying sexual experiences with empowering training that helps individuals reach their sexual potential. This can have a positive impact on overall well-being, including mental and physical health. By adopting evidence-based practices, individuals can enjoy a better quality of life.


Sexify - Application of Findings and Implementation of Changes

Using our research findings, we will address the following aspects:

  • Sociology/behavior and cognition

  • Cultivating humility and enthusiasm for neglected topics

  • Facilitating religious change

  • Promoting health and safety

  • Exploring spirituality and intellect

  • Encouraging self-control and reflection

  • Fostering wisdom and overall well-being


Our goal is to create a more just and prosperous society by enhancing understanding of sex and its implications. We aim to empower individuals and society as a whole by nurturing character development and promoting informed and enlightened perspectives.


Prevention - Education is crucial in preventing sex-related crimes and other harmful encounters.

The Prevention division hosts spicy events led by qualified professionals who specialize in engaging topics. Through comprehensive education, we aim to prevent sex-related crimes, suicides, unintended pregnancies, and lifelong traumas.

We understand the importance of presenting engaging and enjoyable education. Sex has a profound impact on various aspects of our lives, including mental and emotional well-being, physical health, religious beliefs, political attitudes, and societal norms.

Some uninformed statements made by public figures only perpetuate misconceptions and highlight the need for education. These include Senators supporting taxes citing tampons give orgasms and Idaho Representatives suggesting swallowing pills with cameras to look at babies in the womb.

Pregnancy-related myths are used to rationalize sexual violence, suggesting that women can control when they conceive and only become pregnant when they are in love and sexually satisfied. This dangerous mindset deflects blame from the perpetrators and undermines the experiences of victims.

Baseless accusations, such as swimming drowning a fetus and spicy food falling the developing baby, perpetuate harmful stereotypes and lead to unjust treatment of women.

Many individuals still feel fear and shame when reporting incidents of abuse or violence, which serves as a barrier to seeking support and justice.

Furthermore, it is disheartening that mortuaries are often reluctant to hire men due to concerns about the desecration of corpses. Children are sadly frequent victims of abuse and sex-related crimes. There have even been cases of coma patients becoming pregnant due to sexual assault. We must recognize that clothing, intoxication, and lifestyle, are not asking for it.



Recovery - We empower individuals to heal and reconnect with their bodies after experiencing trauma.

We provide comprehensive support and resources to victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. Our goal is to ensure that victims can lead safe and stable lives.

Our nonprofit organization recognizes the profound need for comprehensive sexual education and support services for victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. Through facilitated Sexual Mastermind groups, we aim to provide a safe, judgment-free environment where individuals can gain crucial knowledge, share experiences, and find empowerment.

The Sexual Mastermind groups will follow a format inspired by the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and the historical concept of mastermind groups for business networking. These peer-led sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including anatomy, pregnancy, consent, healthy relationships, and techniques for sexual exploration and expression. Trained facilitators and guest speakers will guide discussions, ensuring accurate information and a supportive atmosphere.

Our support and advocacy services help victims transition into survivors. We also address the lack of available support by offering personalized trauma coaching, safe stays, and financial assistance.

We prioritize suicide prevention and offer an unintended pregnancy prevention program.


Research is a vital aspect of our work. We study the causes and solutions of sex crimes to develop effective prevention strategies and targeted interventions.

By educating individuals on the complexities of sexual relationships, we aim to combat the manipulation and control associated with sex-related fear, shame, and hate.



Mission – Our mission is to eradicate sexual taboos and dismantle the weaponization of sex. We aim to combat the use of fear, shame, and hate related to sex, which has severe consequences and impacts various aspects of society.

Vision – Our vision is to create a world where instances of domestic violence, rape, suicide, unintended pregnancy, sex-based hate and bigotry, as well as prude/slut-shaming and sex-related violence are effectively reduced.

Goals – Our goals include improving public and personal safety and health, promoting self and healthcare awareness, advocating for better laws that protect individuals, enhancing freedom and quality of life, and fostering a better understanding of sex and relationships.

Purpose – We recognize the profound connection between sex and various aspects of daily life, such as abortion and mass shootings. By addressing the taboos and misconceptions surrounding sex, we aim to prevent violent actions and promote education based on researched facts.


Tracking Success

Sexess measures success through:

  • Preventing potential crimes through consent and sex education.

  • Promoting healthy sexual exploration and reducing sexually motivated crimes.

  • Reducing convictions, improving offender tracking, and easing strains on transitional housing.

  • Fostering a safer community and reducing fear.

  • Addressing mental health issues, combating bigotry, and minimizing trauma-related addictions.

  • Lowering unintended pregnancies and abortion rates through anatomy and physiology awareness.

  • Potentially reducing trafficking and prostitution activities.

  • Alleviating strains on the local donation pool and minimizing competition between nonprofits.

  • Contributing a $20+ million economic impact and creating job opportunities for locals.

  • Enhancing public health and safety.

  • Improving relationship statuses and reducing divorce rates.

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