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Introducing Sex & Relationship Mastermind Groups for Financial Gain

This offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their communities!

By facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring and providing education, support, brainstorming, and accountability partners, you can earn income by helping people improve their sex lives and relationships.

Our mastermind groups are particularly beneficial for medical professionals, personal trainers, individuals in the adult industry, disabled individuals, and students who are interested in becoming mastermind hosts.

One common reason why many mastermind groups fail is the lack of trained hosts. It is essential to have skilled leadership for specialized mastermind groups that focus on promoting positive sexual experiences, dating, and relationships. Our workshop provides the necessary foundation for hosting such groups.

Class Structure

When it comes to teaching, we understand the importance of both the subject matter and the structure. Unlike most competitors, our classes aren’t just repeated exactly from the classes we took. We offer instruction and perspective from several sources, verified and researched facts, as well as longer commitments, more benefits, and presented in a reasonable time without pricey retreats. Each class is carefully designed to ensure the highest quality information is presented in an easily adaptable format.


Our primary focus is on empowering individuals to maximize their sexual potential, especially after abuse or assault. We specialize in providing support and resources for individuals who want to enhance their sexual experiences and explore their desires. 


We are committed to creating an explosive transformation in the lives of our clients as they embrace their true potential. We encourage you to sign up today and take the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling future.

Before each class, students receive a syllabus covering laws, privacy, safety, consent, class conduct, rules, student and teacher expectations, as well as class descriptions and structure. We also provide a supply list to ensure that everyone is well prepared.

In the Personal Discovery section, we delve into various aspects of self-awareness and personal growth. 

The Goal Setting section focuses on accountability, prioritization, and goal-setting styles.

The Definitions section provides clear and concise explanations of important terms such as consent, love, orientation, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, romance, sex, gender, and more.

Next, we cover the Basics, which include topics such as anatomy and physiology, techniques, styles, size, and shape considerations.

The bulk of the class time is dedicated to the class topics and Speakers, where we recommend relevant books, provide references and resources to further enhance the learning experience as well as sign homework to practice skills learned in the class.

Finally, we close each class with a wrap-up session, which includes a Q&A segment, evaluations, opportunities for referrals and testimonials, and networking.

The following are the captivating and informative subjects that will be covered:

  1. Controlled Sex Dreams & Meditations: Experience small doses of endorphins and oxytocin at will to enhance your well-being.

  2. Sexual Senses: Discover how to engage all five senses during intimate encounters for heightened pleasure.

  3. Creating Sexual Spaces: Learn how to transform your surroundings into environments that promote sensual experiences.

  4. Foreplay & Erogenous Zones: Ignite passion and intensify pleasure by exploring various erogenous zones through enticing foreplay techniques.

  5. Sexercise: Enhance your physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and control through exercise tailored for sexual satisfaction.

  6. Discover Your Pleasures: Develop a deep understanding of your own body and effectively communicate your desires.

  7. Explore Your Partner: Gain insight into your partner's desires and build strong connections by asking the right questions.

  8. Massage: Master the art of sensual touch and experience its profound effects on intimacy.

  9. Erotic Talk: Learn the art of seductive and stimulating communication, exploring what to say, when to say it, and how to engage in dirty talk.

  10. Orgasms: Explore different types and techniques to achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

  11. Sexual Styles: Dive into the world of sexual styles, including jackhammering, slow slides, and grinding, to discover what works best for you and your partner.

  12. Kama Sutra: Uncover the depths of the Kama Sutra by delving beyond just positions and exploring the art of pleasure and connection.

  13. Tantra: Elevate your sexual experiences by enhancing your skills and abilities through the practice of tantric techniques.

  14. Fetish, Kink, Lifestyle: Understand the distinctions between fetishes, kinks, and lifestyles, and explore the diverse aspects of alternative sexual preferences.

  15. Fantasy & Roleplaying: Delve into the world of sexual fantasies and roleplaying to ignite excitement and deepen intimacy.

  16. Quickies: Discover how to make the most of limited time with efficient and satisfying sexual encounters.

  17. All-nighters: Learn the secrets to creating passionate and fulfilling experiences throughout the night.

  18. Fellatio: Explore techniques and tips to master the art of oral pleasure for your partner.

  19. Cunnilingus: Discover the art of pleasuring a woman orally with skill and finesse.

  20. Anal for Men: Gain knowledge and understanding of anal play for male pleasure.

  21. Anal for Women: Explore the pleasurable and intimate aspects of anal play for female satisfaction.

  22. Flirting & Seduction: Master the art of flirting and seduction, creating intrigue and desire.

  23. Touching: Hone your skills in a variety of touch types to enhance sensual experiences.

  24. Kissing: Explore different kissing styles and techniques to create passionate connections.

  25. Differently Abled: Recognize the deserving and capable qualities of individuals with diverse abilities in sexual relationships.

  26. Smut & Gigs: Learn how to monetize your creativity and imagination by tapping into the world of adult entertainment.

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