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What we offer

During COVID lockdowns increases in domestic violence made the news. Those rates continue to increase. Rape and sexual assault reports occur often. 


This is the long-term examination of every possible source from different perspectives to find the safest and healthiest path forward.

Sources of information

Classes, books, articles, social media, surveys, therapists, coaches, laws, cultures, politicians, police, lawyers, and more

Streaming Documentary Series - A yearlong study of sex to end sex-related crimes and bigotry. Kind of like 60 minutes and Dr. Ruth's show, but the experts ask the questions through the host in a casual setting. Participants attend in person or via Zoom if needed. View materials and answer questions. The public polling results and rebuttals at the end. Partnering experts and researchers create the questions. Partners compare the interviews and polls to theories and current standards. Conclusions are peer-reviewed. Then sent to lawmakers, schools, etc., to create new policies and programs.


  1. Best sex prep & communication

  2. Consent - dating & relationship rules

  3. Boundaries – setting & respecting

  4. Define – alpha, beta, simp, dom, sigma, chad, alpha submissive

  5. Nice guys/gals, friend-zoning, & incels

  6. Does it Desensitize, indoctrinate, or educate?

  7. Love, sex, intimacy, romance, sensuality - definitions & differences

  8. Attraction & Beauty

  9. Identity & Orientation

  10. Health risks & benefits of having or abstaining from sex

  11. Anatomy men– sizes & shapes

  12. Anatomy women - not how that works – sizes & shapes

  13. Disabled/differently-abled

  14. Cultural constraints, image/reputation

  15. Shaming & stereotypes

  16. Biases & bigotry

  17. Pink vs blue

  18. Weaponizing sex - withholding sex in order to get what you want or demanding sex regardless of other's feelings

  19. Entitlement - Humans need each other, but where does that begin & end

  20. Violence, crimes, trafficking, native/POC

  21. Toxic masculinity - MGTOW/manosphere

  22. Toxic femininity - gold diggers/bimbos

  23. Politics on sexuality & Orientation

  24. Religion & spirituality on sexuality

  25. Tantra & kama sutra

  26. Sexercise - strength, flexibility, endurance, 

  27. Sexual styles - speed, technique, positions

  28. Foreplay & erogenous zones

  29. Create spaces & engagement 

  30. Touches & massages

  31. Kissing & taste

  32. Erotic talk & sounds

  33. Porn visuals/sight – dress codes for girls

  34. Positions & locations

  35. Masturbation

  36. Orgasms – enjoy the moment, flip the script

  37. Seduction

  38. Sexting & phone/online sex

  39. Quickies

  40. All-nighters

  41. How to please men 

  42. How to please women

  43. Fantasy

  44. Roleplay

  45. Fetich, kink, lifestyle

  46. Oral for men

  47. Oral for women

  48. Anal for men

  49. Anal for women

  50. Sex work

  51. Smut & erotica

  52. Patriarchy/paternalism - matriarchy/maternalism 


Services - 

  • Weekly Workshops - Information and the ability to use it. You will learn and practice new knowledge and skills. 

  • Weekly Masterminds - Guided peer-to-peer assistance group. Specific topics are assigned, issues and advice are exchanged, and expert tips or resources are provided.

  • Quarterly Challenges - Start every quarter with a challenge to improve your sex life and relationship skills.

  • Weekly Reviews - Books on all sex-related subjects are reviewed. Full versions are available in the member's area. Edited versions are available on social media.

  • Annual Subscriptions- Past workshops, challenges, reviews, etc., are archived in the paid membership area 

  • Teen classes - Preparing for and/or abstaining from sex. Relationship goals, boundaries, abuses, personal development, etc., are incredible advantages in preventing sex-related crimes and abusive relationships. Giving tools to the most inexperienced to build quality relationships!

Direct Support

Coaching Sessions and Masterminds - For victims of sexual abuse, people who want to have awesome sex, or to ask questions. Available for individuals, groups, or couples.


Since sex affects life outside of sex, our programs address all life aspects. Stress from a low-quality sex life causes stress in other life aspects. Our projects offer tools to manage bad days and stay on track to meet goals.


  • Best sex ever!

  • Targeted Dating

  • Stress relief

  • Deep relationship connections

  • Improve health, physicality

  • Improve soft skills

  • Improve confidence, motivation

  • Take initiative 

  • Improved sexual abilities

  • Improved goal perspective, drive

  • Reduce domestic violence

  • Reduce rape

  • Reduce slut/prude shaming

  • Reduce suicides

  • Make sexual health a life aspect

  • Control Your Own Life

  • Evaluate strengths, weaknesses

  • Manage resources, obstacles

  • Create and manage goals

  • Design action plans/maps

  • Learning/communication styles

  • Personality types, action patterns

  • Making changes, accountability 

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