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What we do

Sex isn’t just sex. Our views on sex cause actions for or against laws, faith, and each other. Feelings and actions change after sexual encounters. Sex triggers endorphin and oxytocin production. These improve our health and moods. Negative sexual experiences have adverse effects. We need to understand sex to prevent the worst reactions from continuing.


Studying sex can save lives and prevent crime.  It's also extremely fun!

Research Issues

Sexlytics – analytical study of Issues and Techniques

  • Examine toxic masculinity and femininity

  • Correlation and causation between sex and violence – shootings, incels, rape, domestic violence, control/power, entitlement,

  • Study the related social constructs, safety and health issues, current vs. ideal standards, biases, definition differences in genders and sexualities,

  • Sexual prowess equates to worth – conquest means ownership, wealth, and double standards for women.

  • Manipulation for political gain and law-making

  • How to have the best sex every time

Teach the Findings

Sexpertly – maintain education and practice for public expertise.

Offering workshops, peer to peer masterminds, challenges, reviews, and personalized sex coaching and consulting, more people become aware of their needs, what others need, and how our sex lives affect other life aspects.

Replace unsatisfying sexual experiences with memorable events through personal responsibility and discovery training. Reach sexual potential! Unsatisfying sex is frustrating. Frustration taints our moods and behaviors in all areas of life. This affects our health through stress. Sex is crucial to adult well-being. A sexual self-help routine impacts depression, anxiety, stress, and physical health. Strong fact-based living redefines positive living habits and provides better quality of life for everyone.

Support Victims

Sexify – apply findings, identify needed skills, and implement changes

By studying sex, we live the best versions of our sex lives while creating an interdisciplinary collaboration that reaches the following aspects.

Sociology/behavior, cognition, humility, enthusiasm for neglected topics, religious change, health, safety, spirituality, intellect, self-control/reflection, wisdom, well-being, transform understanding of sex, critical method/conceptual changes, philosophy, theology, understanding the world and how to live well in it, public engagement, content creation, catalyze conversations, live lives of purpose and meaning, solve pressing societal problems, more just/prosperous living, character/virtue development, empowering people and society, valuable insights, civics, enhance human flourishing and moral performance, relevant precursors,


Advocacy - Reporting the findings to change societal standards, laws, and daily behaviors, preventing crimes. Educating people about themselves and their rights to set appropriate boundaries and enforce them. Promote the reporting of crimes to give the most accurate statistics and relevant stories for positive changes.


Coaching Sessions - Sex is recommended as exercise as well as other benefits. Learning techniques, mindset, and such have a lot of benefits. Therapy is a long process. Coaching offers support during that process. Sexess offers Best Sex and Recovery sessions to individuals and groups. Coaching helps people live high-quality lives within their current situations while making changes to improve the situation. Progressing to their highest potential!

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