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Throughout history, human sexuality has been a subject of study and teaching. Notably, Dr. Ruth, the Kama Sutra, Geisha, and the teachings of courtesans have passed down valuable tips, tricks, and techniques.

Contemporary studies aim to debunk misconceptions and societal taboos that perpetuate harmful stereotypes, and bigotry, and contribute to shaming and victim-blaming.

It is disconcerting that some legislators still impose taxes based on false beliefs, such as the notion that tampons cause orgasms while lacking basic understanding that the digestive and reproductive systems are not connected. This underscores the critical importance of adult sex education.

Not only is Sexology a real and valid science but here is a list of Sexology Associations around the world as compiled by Wikipedia. These organizations are dedicated to comprehending and promoting education on human sexuality.

Our Credentials

Our team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals in over 30 specialties. Our extensive credentials demonstrate our ability to provide diverse support and address a wide range of situations. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services in personal development and sexual studies.

We have a diverse team of expert Achieveologists and Sexologists including:

  • Business Coaches

  • Business Speaker Trainers

  • Leadership Coaches

  • Mastermind Coaches

  • Mastermind Trainers

  • Personal Development Coaches

  • Personal Speaker Trainers

  • Life Coaches from multiple programs

  • Presenter Trainers

  • High-Speed Project Management Specialists

  • Nonprofit Management Professionals

  • Leadership Training Experts

  • Law of Attraction Practitioners (basic and advanced)

  • Nonprofit Leadership and Management Specialists

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners

  • Leadership Training Specialists (basic, advanced, and executive)

  • Project Management Experts (Lean Leadership and Six Sigma)

  • Entrepreneurship Mentors

  • Master Sexperts

  • Sex Coaches

  • Sexologists

  • Sexpert Consultants

  • Ordained Ministers


When people hear the term "sexologist," some may laugh, but it is important to recognize that becoming a sexpert or sexologist requires a significant amount of study. Each program typically involves hundreds of hours of dedicated learning.

While there are some general access programs available, it is important to note that they are not used for accreditation purposes. To gain proper accreditation as a sexologist, specific programs must be completed.

For your reference, here is a comprehensive list of the programs that our organization has or plans to complete in 2024. completed currently attending one completed completed all programs official recognition of certifications



  • Hiring Preference: Once we have achieved our startup goals, numerous job opportunities will become available. We will prioritize hiring Spokane County residents for roles such as coaches, security personnel, board members, office staff, sanitation, and more.

  • Contributing to Spokane: Our organization will have a significant economic impact on Spokane, not only in terms of business expenses but also through the funds devoted to victim services, clothing, food, rent, utilities, and more. This infusion of funds will greatly benefit our local economy. Over $20,000,000 in direct payments for victim services, expenses, and employment. 

  • Free Services and Classes: Spokane residents will generally have access to complimentary classes and services. This allows them to enhance their skills and knowledge in a supportive environment, improving local community standards. All victim services are free of charge!

  • More Victims Getting More Aid: After overhead expenses, approximately 5,500 people will receive aid averaging $7,500 each. This is 34% of estimated Spokane victims in addition to the 16% currently helped by existing programs. This figure highlights the significant impact we aim to make in supporting victims of sex crimes and domestic violence.

  • Crime Reduction and Prevention: The educational programs in addition to the victim services can improve connected areas. Addiction, homelessness, and more caused by trauma is prevented when SA/DV is reduced. Arrests, convictions, and jailing are subsequently reduced. Reducing court, police, and first responder costs. Like all things, these are connected and if not preventable at least reducible! 




Benefits of the Sexess system:

Our comprehensive programs recognize that sex impacts various areas of life from politics to religion to personal behaviors at work or in school, and therefore, we address all aspects of life. We understand that a dissatisfying, especially traumatic, sexual experience can lead to stress in other areas, which is why our projects provide effective tools to manage difficult days and help individuals stay focused on achieving their goals.


Our system offers a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced sexual experiences

  • Targeted dating opportunities

  • Stress relief

  • Deeper connections in relationships

  • Improved health and physicality

  • Development of essential soft skills

  • Increased confidence and motivation

  • Encouragement to take initiative

  • Growth in sexual abilities

  • Enhanced perspective and drive towards goals

  • Reduction in instances of domestic violence

  • Decrease in incidents of rape

  • Elimination of slut-shaming and prude-shaming

  • Reduction in suicides related to sexual issues

  • Incorporation of sexual health as an integral aspect of life

  • Empowerment to take control of one's life

  • Identification and evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Effective management of resources and obstacles

  • Establishment and execution of clear goals

  • Creation of action plans and maps for success

  • Understanding of individual learning and communication styles

  • Recognition of personality types and action patterns

  • Support in making positive changes and fostering accountability     

Proving Success

Sexess measures its success based on the following key metrics:

  • Decreasing the burden on law enforcement, first responders, and court services by proactively preventing potential crimes through comprehensive consent and sex education.

  • Reducing sexually motivated crimes by promoting personal exploration and providing education on healthy sexual discovery and expression.

  • Lowering conviction and jail populations as a secondary outcome.

  • Easing strains on transitional housing and improving offender tracking processes.

  • Fostering improved community conditions, leading to enhanced local morale and a reduced sense of fear.

  • Minimizing the occurrence of suicides and addressing mental health issues stemming from the trauma of assaults, as well as combating bigotry towards LGBTQ individuals and educating against prude or slut shaming.

  • Curbing trauma-related drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Reducing unintended pregnancies and abortion rates through comprehensive anatomy and physiology awareness.

  • Potentially diminishing trafficking and prostitution activities.

  • Alleviating strains on the local donation pool and minimizing competition between nonprofits.

  • Contributing a significant economic impact of $20+ million to the local economy.

  • Creating job opportunities and prioritizing the hiring of local residents.

  • Enhancing public health and safety.

  • Improving relationship statuses

  • Reducing divorce rates.

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