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We know sex is a critical issue because of recent events. Human trafficking. So many missing Native American women and children!! Roe V Wade protests continue. The "incel" mass shooters said they killed women for not sleeping with them. No matter how people squirm or avoid it, sex reaches every aspect of our lives. Our views and reactions affect the aspects below.

  • Rape/sexual abuse - victims range from adults to children of all genders.

  • Domestic Violence - victims range from adults to children of all genders

  • Toxic masculinity and femininity divide people and mislead relationship expectations.

  • Biases/Double Standards - Enables abusers and blames victims.

  • Bigotry - Sexism, Ageism, Homophobia. Do we need to explain this?

  • Health and Safety - Disease, Pregnancy, Suicide. People kill themselves when faced with hate, shaming, or abuse. Pregnancy is a high risk for mothers. Disease holds stigmas and another set of shaming. This topic alone has so many facets.

  • Entitlement - Many reports indicate the demand for sex after paying for a date. Being white guarantees a good sex life. People believe others must pleasure them! Mass shootings happen because of this illusion of entitlement to sex. 

  • Men vs. Women mentality - Pink VS Blue is killing us! As times and needs change, so must we.

  • Power and Control - Sex isn't a weapon! Using sex to manipulate relationships, politics, or religion is vile! Sex isn't a currency! Sex isn't a stunt or ploy!

  • Reproduction Fetish and Adoption - People love babies but won't adopt kids. The status of birthing a child is silly. Impregnating women to prove manhood is stupid. This crosses over to animal adoption as well. People covet babies and reject others. 

  • LGBTQ+ Humans learn new things daily but cling to things that have long been disproven. These views about LGBTQ+ communities cause violent reactions and intense hate.

  • Stereotypes - BDSM/Lifestyles/Fetishes, Race, Gender, Sexuality

  • Separating types of affection. Romance, Intimacy, Sexuality, and Sensuality

  • Definitions vary between genders and lifestyles. Alphas, betas, simps, alpha submissive, abuse, rape, domestic violence, etc. Many rapists don't think of themselves as rapists. People justify their actions and expect others to comply. It's important to have common definitions to enforce laws and social standards.


We can't solve all the world's problems instantly, but we can research! By studying, we can develop the means to improve things for everyone. Once we have answers, we can present the findings for peer review. Gain public responses through news outlets and adjust as needed. As times change, so must we.

Part of our research involves helping people to have the best sex lives possible. We provide coaching and consulting with a focus on sex. Please visit the coaching page for the details.

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