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Sexess focuses on maximizing sexual potential! Fixing dysfunction is long-term therapy work.

Healing from trauma and reaching your potential is explosive! Sign up Today!

 Purchase Guarantee - Attendance is honored if a workshop, class, or event is rescheduled.

Email confirmation of the new date/time is sent out as early as possible when circumstances require changes. 

12 week Best Sex (lvl 1) Mastermind in-person Thursdays @ 6:30pm PST Starting 1/11/24

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Have the best sex of your life after this 12-week expert lead, peer-to-peer mentoring mastermind utilizing sexologist education, guest speakers, sex library/resources, brainstorming, accountability partners, and support.

*Free dating profile assistance for a limited time

Please read our refund policy & privacy policy on our legal page

Age - events are for adults only. Free content is suitable for younger people, not explicit. Workshops are directed at consenting age people. Please be aware of your country's legal requirements for the age of consent.

Refunds - no refunds are given for any reason. Accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Instructions - please include your email address so instructions for login and other rules reach you on time.

Entry and removal intoxicated - zero tolerance policy for bigotry or disruptive actions or words. If you engage in prohibited behavior, you will leave and not allow a return or refund.

Recordings - our workshops are recorded for use in our social media and archives. You can choose to stay off-camera. No one else is allowed to record audio, visual, or anything else at the event.

Transaction fee - the ticket may ask for taxes or fees. Please don't turn those to us at this time. We'll try to improve this over time but until then, we appreciate your help.

Reschedule - if a workshop is rescheduled, your ticket will automatically transfer. If you have difficulty, contact Sexess immediately.

Not resellable - Sexess is the only authorized seller. No reselling is allowed.

Maximum purchase per person and group - Sexess doesn't intend for anyone to buy more than personal use amounts of tickets. Abuse of ticket sales may result in a ban.

Right to alter the event - if our provost deems information incorrect or too lengthy for example, the workshop will go through a rework before attendees are allowed to participate. Content may be altered for the best outcome of the workshop.

Not responsible - Sexess is not responsible for outbursts, insults, or other bad behavior from participating individuals. We will do our best to remove them. Please report incidents immediately!

Operates under Washington State law - Sexess operates above board in accordance with all Washington State laws, United States federal laws, and international law to the best of our ability.

Do not record, photograph, or otherwise display any part or person participating in the workshops. Participating individuals do not have permission or rights to the information, etc. All rights belong to Sexess.

Be on time and have materials - Workshops are fast-paced to give the most information within the time allotted. Please be ready because we can't wait or go back.

Sexess is the only authorized seller - Please report any sales outside of Sexess. We are the only sellers.

Not redeemable - tickets are not redeemable for cash or credit. If you encounter difficulty, please contact Sexess immediately for options.

Transfer or sharing tickets - sponsor tickets are transferrable, others are not. For ticket sharing between couples or friends, contact Sexess for written permission.

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