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Areas of Action - Advocacy, Prevention, Research, Education, Direct Victim Services

Health and Human Services - Trauma Coaching, Safe Stays, Moving Expenses, Legal Fees, Suicide Prevention, and Unintended Pregnancy Resources


Public Safety - Crime Prevention/Reduction, Victim Resources


Education - Adult Sex Education topics such as better sex, consent, and understanding bodies

Becoming the Help We Needed

As founders of Sexess, our personal experiences have shaped our mission. We have endured various forms of abuse throughout our lives, including childhood sexual abuse, prolonged domestic violence, and sexual harassment in professional settings. These experiences have fueled our determination to fill the gap and provide the support that we ourselves needed. Sadly, we have witnessed firsthand how few individuals actually receive the assistance they desperately need to escape danger and harm. This has only strengthened our resolve to make a difference. At Sexess, we are committed to ensuring that victims of sex crimes and domestic violence have access to the help and support they deserve.

501c3 and Licensing

Sexess is a non-profit organization with a tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) charity #88-3785162. We are officially registered with the Washington Secretary of State and have obtained the necessary licenses to operate in Spokane.

What is Sexess?


Sexess is a minority-run nonprofit organization committed to supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse composed of two divisions – Prevention and Recovery.

Unfortunately, in Spokane County, there is a scarcity of organizations and resources that provide support or financial assistance to victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. Individuals facing danger or recovering from traumatic incidents are often unable to access the help they urgently need. There are very few businesses that provide classes to the public at such an incredibly low price. Moreover, none of these businesses operate as nonprofits specifically dedicated to serving victims. There is no one else in the market that offers the comprehensive range of victim services that we do.

Rather than relying on the saturated local donation pool, we generate revenue from external sources by offering sex-positive workshops and coaching on a range of topics to a global audience.


Like Dr. Ruth, but spicier, our interdisciplinary approach will transform the understanding of sex, facilitate critical methodological and conceptual changes, and bridge the gap between intersectional issues and the practical application of sex education. By engaging the public, creating relevant content, and catalyzing conversations, we aim to empower individuals to live lives of purpose and meaning while addressing pressing societal issues. 

Unlike Dr. Ruth, Sexess doesn't engage in therapy, which treats dysfunction from the past. Sexess only offers coaching and peer support groups. A coach helps individuals envision and create the future they desire. Whether for sports or sex, coaches provide guidance, support, and practical strategies to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Both coaches and therapists play a crucial role in facilitating long-lasting behavior changes but there are tons of therapists, only a few accredited sexologist coaches. 

Startup Costs

Basic Startup Needs - $40,000

  • Professional Website - $1,500

  • High Attendance Webinar Platform - $5,000

  • Marketing Firm and Ads - $15,000

  • Lawyer - $1,500

  • Insurance - $600

  • Library Classroom Rental - $2,000

  • Office/Utilities - $11,900

  • Equipment - $2,500

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