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Theme - Be like Betty and Ruth!

Betty White was against sexism, racism, and cruelty, but also believed in great sex, speaking in innuendo and sarcasm!

Dr. Ruth was very controversial when she openly talked about sex but believed proper sex education was the key to many issues! 

Make Betty and Ruth proud! Fight abuse with the power of sex positive education! 

Messages -

After assault or abuse - No shame or guilt to the victim, separating you from the incident, you are not wrong, gross, devalued, empowerment and self image, reconnect to your body in healthy ways, rediscover your sassy sexy self for your future love life, you can have an awesome life so don't quit!!

Prevention - Education, communication, consent, anatomy and physiology, awareness, and calling out bad behavior!

Help Needed -

Ruckup Media for our website and Google Ad Grant management - $2,000 ongoing

Commando for PPC ad management  - $3,000 ongoing

Domenick Nati for Public relations and interviews - $3,000 ongoing

Small expenses - $1,000 one time costs

Social media manager - filming, editing, posting, - still needed - $2,000 ongoing

Brandon Lee Gowton
Dee Dee Sorvino
Jennifer Messina
David Jones


Like Dr. Ruth, but spicier. Sexess is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity, registered with the Washington Secretary of State, and licensed in Spokane County.

Areas of Action - Advocacy, Prevention, Research, Education, Direct Victim Services

Health and Human Services - Trauma Coaching, Safe Stays, Moving Expenses, Legal Fees, Suicide Prevention, and Unintended Pregnancy Resources

Public Safety - Crime Prevention/Reduction, Victim Resources

Education - Adult Sex Education topics such as better sex, consent, and understanding bodies

Sexess is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. It consists of two divisions: Prevention and Recovery. Our organization understands client needs through personal experiences, education, and training.

In Spokane County, there is a lack of resources that provide support and financial assistance to victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. Many individuals in danger or recovering from traumatic incidents are unable to access the help they urgently need. There are very few businesses providing affordable public sex education classes. We aim to fill this gap by offering a comprehensive range of victim and public services.

Instead of solely relying on local donations, we generate revenue from a global audience by providing sex-positive training and coaching on various topics. Our interdisciplinary approach aims to transform the understanding of sex, address intersectional issues, and apply practical sex education. Through public engagement, relevant content, and conversations, we empower individuals to live purposeful lives while addressing societal issues.

Unlike Dr. Ruth, Sexess doesn't engage in therapy, which treats dysfunction from the past. Sexess only offers coaching and peer support groups. A coach helps individuals envision and create the future they desire. Whether for sports or sex, coaches provide guidance, support, and practical strategies to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Both coaches and therapists play a crucial role in facilitating long-lasting behavior changes but there are tons of therapists, only a few accredited sexologist coaches. 

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