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IRS 501c3  #88-3785162

Sex-related issues kill people every day! Please help us save them!

Welcome to our temporary website. It has all the information grantmakers and sponsors need to decide if we fit your funding options.

The What, Where, When, Why, and How's are answered on these pages. If questions come up, please email us at or call 509-383-8380.

Our projected launch date is February 14, 2023. Please come back then to enjoy the results of your generosity!


Brandon Lee Gowton
Dee Dee Sorvino
Jennifer Messina
David Jones
Eden Cupid
Tyson Jarvis

Executive Summary

Summary - We want people to be sexually successful - Sexess. That only happens when experiences are positive and empowering. Preventing harmful encounters and educating on all aspects of sex prevents sex-related crimes, suicides, unintended pregnancies, and lifelong traumas. Sex affects our mental and emotional states, health and physiological well-being, religion, politics, and society. 

Mission – Ending sexual taboos and weaponizing sex saves lives. People use sex-related fear, shame, and hate to control others. Controlling people like this is severe. Control of this kind manipulates politics, religion, and daily life. Backlash flows from lawmakers to teachers, victims, and supports abusers. sex-related crimes, 

Vision -

Reduce - Domestic Violence, Rape Suicide, Unintended Pregnancy, Sex-based hate/bigotry, Prude/slut shaming, and Sex-related violence

Improve - Public and personal safety/health, Self/health care awareness, Laws, Freedom, Quality of life, Understanding of sex and relationships, and everyone's sex lives!

Purpose – History shows the connection to sex in daily happenings. Abortion, mass shootings, and more ties to sex. Taboos and fallacies cause violent actions. Prevention comes from education. The only way forward is through researched facts.

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