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Help Sexess Support Victims of Sex Crimes & Domestic Violence
When You Take a Fun & Sex-Positive Class!

Run Sex & Relationship Mastermind Groups for Profit - January 5, 6, 7, & 8, 2024 at 6:30 pm PST

This is a great income stream for spicy people or those who want to help in their communities!

Earn an income helping people better their sex lives and relationships by facilitating peer-to-peer mentoring offering education, support, brainstorming, and accountability partners.

Medical professionals, personal trainers, spicy workers, disabled people, & students are ideal mastermind hosts!

Many masterminds fail because the hosts aren't trained. Specialty masterminds are important & need good leadership! This workshop teaches the basics you can use for specialized groups focused on positive sexual experiences, dating, and relationships.

Registration is open for November classes! Join Here or donate at!

Brandon Lee Gowton
Dee Dee Sorvino
Jennifer Messina
David Jones
Eden Cupid
Tyson Jarvis

Who We Are

Sex isn’t just sex. Our views on sex cause actions for or against laws, faith, and each other. Feelings and actions change after sexual encounters. Sex triggers endorphin and oxytocin production. These improve our health and moods. Negative sexual experiences have adverse effects. We need to understand sex to prevent the worst reactions from continuing.

Studying and educating on sex can save lives and prevent crime.  It's also extremely fun!

Areas of Action - Advocacy, Prevention, Research, Education, Direct Victim Services

  • Health/Human Services - Trauma Coaching, Safe Stays, Moving Expenses, Legal Fees, Suicide Prevention,

  • Public Safety - Crime Prevention/Reduction, Victim Resources,

  • Education - Adult Sex Ed for better sex, consent, and correct body functions

  • Diversity and Inclusion - Zero tolerance for bigotry! People of Color/LGBTQIA+ welcome!

Free Services - 

  • Book reviews - Weekly review of sex-related books (medical terminology, some slang)

  • Challenges - Public sex and relationship enrichment tasks (not explicit)

  • Private Victim Coaching Sessions - Focused on Best Sex or Recovery after an incident.

  • Masterminds - Guided peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability groups after an incident.

  • Class/workshop - free in-person seating for select local residents

Fee Services - These pay for the programs and free services

  • Coaching Sessions - Private, Couples, and Group options.

  • Masterminds - Guided peer-to-peer mentoring and accountability groups for Best Sex and Relationships.

  • Workshops - Fun & educational classes on various topics to improve sex and relationships.

  • Dating Profile Assistance - Showcase your best qualities with a little expert help.

  • Archive subscriptions – great information from classes and workshops easily accessible

Summary - We want people to be sexually successful - Sexess. That only happens when experiences are positive and empowering. Preventing harmful encounters and educating on all aspects of sex prevents sex-related crimes, suicides, unintended pregnancies, and lifelong traumas. Sex affects our mental and emotional states, health and physiological well-being, religion, politics, and society. 

Mission – Ending sexual taboos and weaponizing sex saves lives. People use sex-related fear, shame, and hate to control others. Controlling people like this is severe. Control of this kind manipulates politics, religion, and daily life. Backlash flows from lawmakers to teachers, and victims, while supporting abusers/sex-related crimes, 

Ways Sexess benefits our community –

  • Support and resources for victims including coaching to aid in the therapy process, safe stay locations, legal fees, moving costs, etc.

  • Reduces suicides and mental health from the reduction or trauma from assaults, support against bigotry for LGBTQ, education against prude or slut shaming,

  • Reduces sexually motivated crimes through personal exploration and education on healthy sexual discovery and expression

  • Reduces strain on police and 1st responders as well as court services by preventing potential crimes through consent and sex education

  • Reduces conviction and jail populations as a secondary result – also strains on transitional housing and offender tracking

  • Reduces drug and alcohol addiction by preventing trauma and offering additional coaching and resources

  • Reducing unintended pregnancy and abortion rates with Anatomy and Physiology awareness

  • Potential reduction in trafficking and prostitution

  • Improves local morale with improved community conditions – less fear,

  • Lowering strain on local donation pool and competition between nonprofits - online workshops bring in outside resources - Contributing $20+million to the local economy

  • Creating jobs and hiring residents within Spokane County

  • Improved health and safety through stress relief and relationship support

Purpose – History shows the connection to sex in daily happenings. Abortion, mass shootings, and more ties to sex. Taboos and fallacies cause violent actions. Prevention comes from education. The only way forward is through researched facts.

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